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Seven Rivers Bingo–7/11 Bingo

Sunday, March 11, 2018 12:30 PM

7/11 Bingo is played each month that a bingo session is held on the 7th or 11th of that month. If the player has a bingo on B-7 or B-11 during any regular session game they get to roll a pair of dice. Should the player roll a 7 they receive an additional $77 and $110 for an 11. Rolling doubles allows for a free roll of the dice. Any other number earns them a $10 bingo pass that can be used at the next regular bingo session. The prize is paid in addition to the Bingo and is not split between other winners! Each winner gets their own roll of the dice!

Sunday Doors Open 12:30PM
First Game Starts 1:45PM

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