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Bingo Games

We Have New Games Every Season

Bingo is played Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, with doors opening at 4:30PM and the first game starting at 5:45PM and Sundays doors open at 11AM and the first game starts at 12:15PM. The minimum age for Bingo is 18. For further information, please call the Bingo hotline at 970.563.1696.

Event Definitions

Bonus Bingo:

Tags will be set out on all tables by bingo staff prior to the start of the bingo session. If the tag on the winners table matches the last number called they will receive a bingo pass. All players with a verification card win a $10 bingo pass if they are at the winners table.

Buddy Bingo:

Caller decides the direction of the buddy at the start of the session. The player sitting left of the winner is the buddy. If no one is on the left of the winner then the buddy is the last person to the right of the winner. The winning buddy gets a $10 bingo pass.

Bingo Olympics:

Using a set of tags with the bingo letters, each table will be assigned one bingo letter. Each time someone wins a bingo their team receives a point. Points are awarded on all games. Each game type is assigned a point value. The team with the most points at the end of the session wins.

Cake Bingo:

Eight times during the session we pick a verification card from those collected. The person whose name appears on the chosen verification card wins the cake.

Nacho Day, Popcorn Party and Hot Dog Day:

Each bingo player receives free food with any bingo buy in.

Lucky 13 Bingo:

Held on any bingo day that falls on the 13th. Any player that bingos on B-13 for any regular session game will win an additional $130. The prize is paid in addition to the bingo and is not split between other winners! And as a bonus EACH person at the winners table with a verification card will receive $13.

7/11 Bingo:

7/11 bingo is played each month that a bingo session is held on the 7th or 11th of that month. If the player has a bingo on B-7 or B-11 during any regular session game they get to roll a pair of dice. Should the player roll a 7 they receive an additional $77. The win for rolling an 11 is $111. Rolling doubles allows for a free roll of the dice. Any other number earns them a $10 bingo pass that can be used at the next regular bingo session. The prize is paid in addition to the bingo and is not split between other winners! Each winner gets their own roll of the dice!

Your Lucky Number Bingo:

Just pick your favorite lucky number from 1 – 75!  Thats it!  If a bingo player has a winning bingo with the last number called being their chosen number they will receive $25 in addition to their bingo winnings. The $25 is paid in addition to the Bingo and is not split between other winners!

Monthly Drawing:

Players receive a ticket with every bingo buy in, one ticket with each bingo they win and one ticket for each pull tab winner that is a cage pay. The drawing is held on the last bingo day of the month. Winner must be present to win. Tickets are not transferable.