Bingo Tips

Bingo Tips for a Winning Strategy

Arrive Early:

This gives you plenty of time to find a good seat and maybe pick up a tasty snack. It also allows time for you to prep your Bingo cards and chat with other bingo players.

Mark The Patterns:

Use a highlighter or pen to mark the patterns you will be playing on the corresponding cards or you may want to go the other way and pre-daub the spaces you don’t need, using a different color of course.  Having a pattern on your card makes it much easier to keep up and you have a far less chance of missing a bingo.

I Think It Moved:

If you are unsure of the pattern being played or just want to refresh, check out the BIG indicator boards located on each side of the room.  The boards have a section that shows you the pattern being played and if or how it moves.

Sit Next To A Bingo Veteran:

Sitting next to someone that knows the ropes can be a huge help your first few times.  Veteran players generally don’t mind helping the new folks and have great tips to offer as well.

Play Only What You Can Handle:

It may seem that playing an entire table of Bingo cards will increase your chance of winning.  This is certainly not always the case.  It does not help you at all if you lose track of the cards, as you stand a greater chance of missing your bingo.  Playing what you feel comfortable with on the other hand greatly increases your chances as you have far less of a chance to miss a Bingo.

A Peek Into The Future:

Remember, the next ball to be called will always be displayed on the monitors around the room. Please do not call your Bingo until the ball is actually called

Prepare For The Session:

Bringing the proper supplies will make the session more enjoyable.  For instance special games are generally a 3-on (3 Bingo faces on one strip of paper).  If you are going to play two or more of these strips it is very handy to have some scotch tape to keep them together!

Break Time:

Be sure to take advantage of any break or intermission offered during the session.  It is important to get up and move around a bit when you can.  This gets the blood flowing and wakes the mind up.

Speed Scanning Cards:

Try looking at the second number first.  For instance if G47 is called you would scan down the G row looking at all of the numbers on the right side stopping only when you run across a 7 to take a quick peek to the left and find that 4.  This may take a little practice but is well worth learning if you wish to play multiple cards.

Positive Attitude For The Win:

Take a look around while you’re playing.  The majority of folks that win at bingo are having fun!  Feeling good and being happy is a huge benefit to your health and the secret to fully enjoying the game of Bingo!

Keep It To A Low ROAR:

Bingo is a social time and we all enjoy talking to friends old and new.  Please remember to keep it down when the game starts as your fellow players are concentrating.