Career Development Program

The Career Development Program (CDP) was developed in 2000 to ensure long term success of Southern Ute Tribal Member self-management.  It offers multiple career skills training and management internship opportunities for its Southern Ute Indian Tribal Member employees in order to promote the Tribe’s overall economic self-sufficiency.

Director, Assistant Director Positions, Manager and Internships:

A qualified and eligible Southern Ute Tribal Member wishing to assume a Management position held by a non-Tribal Member may participate in this component of CDP provided they are able to attain the proper gaming license and maintains eligibility requirements. This component includes rotations pertaining to either gaming or nongaming depending on the position, however all participants, whether seeking Gaming or Hospitality Management positions must be familiar with gaming regulatory requirements.

Some positions may require degrees from accredited institutions of higher education.   The requirements for each participants career goals will be addressed in the participants individualized training plan and  internship.

Career Skills Training:

An eligible Southern Ute Tribal Member employee may attend training to improve his or her job skills.  They do not have to be signed up with CDP in order to participate or attend trainings.  Should an eligible Southern Ute Tribal Member wish to participate in such training they must submit an application for trainings on an individual basis.  Arrangements will then be made for such trainings through their home departments.


To get more information or to enroll in the program contact Human Resources at 970.563.1311.



Phone: 970.563.1311