Craps remain temporarily closed until further notice. Please visit the homepage for the most up-to-date information on Sky Ute Casino Resort’s reopening, including hours, closure, safety and more. Thank you.

Sky Ute Casino Resort is proud to be one of the first casinos in the state of Colorado to offer Craps!

The telltale sign that craps is being played are the cheers and sounds of celebration that you will hear radiating throughout the Casino! Craps are fast-action tables that may be intimidating to the first-time player but are easy to learn.

Craps tables have four dealers. There is the person controlling the dice and standing on the outside of the game, the Stickman, the two dealers on the inside of the game that are making the player payoffs, and the Boxman; whose job it is to sit in the middle and watch the play and the payoffs very carefully. The Stickman is who you want to be listening too as he is the one that will be calling the game.

How to Play Craps:

Pass Line

The first roll the shooter makes is called the “Come Out Roll”, if you have money on the “Pass Line” and a Seven or Eleven roll you automatically win, if a Two, Three or Twelve roll you lose (to continue shooting you need to make another bet). If 4, 5, 6, 8. 9 or 10 roll it becomes your “Point”, you need to roll this number before a seven to win, if a seven is rolled before the Point, the Pass Line loses and the dice are passed to the next shooter. You don’t have to be the shooter to make a Pass Line Bet, and once a point has been established it cannot be removed.

Don’t Pass

The “Don’t Pass” is the opposite of the Pass Line, on the Come Out Roll, it loses on a Seven or Eleven and wins on a Two or Three; the Twelve is a push (you don’t win or lose). Once a point has been established you cannot make a Don’t Pass Bet, but you can remove your money from the Don’t Pass at any time. To win this bet a Seven must roll before the point is repeated.

Come Bets

“Come Bets” are independent of the Pass Line but the rules are the same. A Point must be established before you can make a Come Bet; the next roll of the dice determines if a Come Bet wins, loses or is moved to a number, once it moves to a number it can’t be taken down. To win a Come Bet, the number must be repeated before a seven is rolled.

Don’t Come Bets

“Don’t Come” Bets work the same way as the Don’t Pass, on the next roll of the dice it will either win, lose or move to a number, a Seven must roll before the number for this bet to win. Don’t Come Bets can taken down at any time.

The Field

The Field is a “One-Roll Bet,” meaning it will either win or lose on the next roll. If 3, 4, 9, 10 or 11 roll the bet will be paid even money (1 to 1), if a 2 or 12 roll, it will pay double.

The Big Six & Eight

These bets pay even money if they are rolled before a seven.


Odds are an additional bet you can make with your “Flat Bet”. This bet is paid “True Odds” based on the difficulty or rolling specific numbers before a seven or vise versa. On the Pass Line and Come Bets you can “Take” odds once a point has been established. On the Don’t Pass and Don’t Come you can “Lay” your odds. These bets can be picked up or reduced at any time. See the chart below:

Taking Odds

Pass Line, Come Bets

4 or 10 2 to 1

5 or 9 3 to 2

6 or 8 6 to 5

Laying Odds

Don’t Pass, Don’t Come

4 or 10 1 to 2

5 or 9 2 to 3

6 or 8 5 to 6

Place Bets

You can make a Place Bet on the 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or10. These bets can be placed, “Pressed’ (increased) or taken down at any time. Place Bets are automatically turned off during the Come Out Roll for your convenience. Place Bets are paid as follows:

Place Bet Odds

4 or 10 9 to 5

5 or 9 7 to 5

6 or 8 7 to 6

Proposition Bets

Proposition bets are one-roll bets and have the biggest payoffs on the crap table. The stick person sets up these bets, so make all “Prop” bets with this dealer. “Horn, Horn High and Whirl” bets make it easy for players to make bets that combine four or five numbers at one time. For example a five-dollar “Horn High Eleven” has one dollar on the 2, 3, and 12 and two dollars on the eleven, if any of these numbers hit you win. Hardways (4, 6, 8 and 10) are popular prop bets. To win these bets the dice have to roll in pairs, two 2’s, two 3’s, two 4’s or two 5’s, if a seven or an “Easy Way” roll, these bets lose. Example a “Hard” four wins if a pair of 2’s, it loses if a seven or an “Easy” four (3 and a 1) roll. Hardways always work unless called off.

Proposition Bets:

Any Seven 5 for 1

Hard 6 or 8 10 for 1

Hard 4 or 10 8 for 1

Any Craps 8 for 1

2 and 12 31 for 1

3 and 11 16 for 1

Craps Rules:

Must be 21 or older to play Craps. No alcoholic beverages on the gaming floor. Gratuities are encouraged, never expected or demanded. Management and floor supervisors reserve the right to make decisions that are in the best interest of the game. Management decisions are final. Management reserves the right to alter or cancel rules, policies and promotions at any time.