Division of Gaming

Division Of gaming

The Division of Gaming (D.O.G.) is divided into three sections; Licensing, Audit and Enforcement. Offices are located at 149 CR 517, Ignacio, CO 81137 across from the Southern Ute Cultural Museum. The office hours are Monday-Friday 8AM – NOON
and 1PM – 5PM.


Performs background investigations and issues licenses to Casino applicants for gaming or non-gaming related positions. There are three types of licenses; the two most common forms of licenses required to work at Sky Ute Casino Resort are Staff and Support licenses.

Staff License: To obtain a Division of Gaming Staff License you will be required to present a photo ID (state issued ID, student ID, etc.) and submit an application obtained when filling out pre-employment paperwork at the Casino. Your application will be reviewed by a D.O.G. officer and your photograph taken. The Staff Licensing process takes three (3) to five (5) business days and will include a criminal history check as well as a wants and warrants check.

There is a one-time $30 background fee for your staff license.  There is no annual renewal fee for your license.  Payment can be made by cash, check, money order or a Sky Ute Casino Promissory note that takes the fee out of your first two paychecks.

Support License: All employees working in a Gaming related position are expected to obtain and maintain a Division of Gaming Support License. After you have completed all new hire paperwork with Sky Ute Casino Resort Human Resources, you will be required to submit an original state birth certificate and an original social security card, and a photo ID (State driver’s license, student ID, etc.) to the D.O.G., in addition to a Support Application obtained at the D.O.G. office. Be prepared to have your photograph and fingerprints taken at this time. There is a $100 fee for your support license and an annual renewal fee of $75. Payment can be made by cash, check, money order or a Sky Ute Casino Promissory note that takes the fee out of your first two paychecks.

Employees are responsible for completing the necessary paperwork to renew their licenses through the D.O.G. each year

Once you have completed the D.O.G License application process, a thorough criminal history check, wants and warrants check will be conducted. The entire licensing process typically takes around five (5) to seven (7) business days to complete.

Should you want more information about this process please consult with a recruiter in Human Resources.


Creates the Internal Control Minimum Procedures (ICMP’s) for which compliance is mandatory for all Sky Ute Casino staff.


Monitors and ensures Casino and customer compliance with all laws and regulations at the Sky Ute Casino Resort.



Phone: 970.563.1311